Ferien Wintersemester

Dear AEGEEans,

the exams have been hard, so now it´s time to sleep, party, eat and travel. Therefore we won´t meet until March 11th! If you have some burning questions before, write us an e-mail (board@aegee-hamburg.de) or via our FB group .

We wish you a relaxing semester break!


PS: If you are interested in a Spring Network Meeting, check out these (you can apply via Intranet):

  • The 8-10th of March Paris: Back on Tracks
  • The 7-11th of March Helsinki: European citizenship and Sustainable Lifestyle
  • The 22-24th of March Leiden: Citizen Responsibility
  • The 19-21st of April Bialystok: Recysle your Mind – Refresh Experience
  • The 19-21st of April Istanbul 
  • The 26-28th of April Lviv: Make it Step!
  • The 1-4th of May Ljubjana: Let’s get back Together
  • The 9-12th of May Bergamo: The Gate to Europe!